Andy "Andrew" Rannells is an American voice actor, who has worked on the properties of 4Kids Entertainment & DIC. As of 2006, he permanently quit the voice-over business to pursue a role in Hairspray on Broadway.

Notable Voice Roles Edit

  • Archie's Weird Mysteries - Archie Andrews
  • Funky Cops - Jack Kowalski
  • F-Zero: GP Legend - The Skull
  • Cubix - Connor
  • Fighting Foodons - Fried Ricer, Additional Voices
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! - Cloaked Nightmare, Additional Voices
  • Pokémon - Harley, Additional Voices (4Kids version)
  • Shaman King - Len Tao (Tao Ren)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - E-123 Omega, G.U.N. soldiers
  • Sonic X - Narrator/Decoe/Bokkun/Mr. Stewart/E-102 Gamma (episodes 29-31)
  • Tokyo Mew Mew - Cyniclon Dren (Kish)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Mako Tsunami (Ryota Kajiki), Noah Kaiba, Leon von Schroeder (Leonhard von Schroider)


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