Bean the Dynamite
Chara bean
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Sonic the Fighters

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Sonic the Fighters
Fighters Megamix
Virtua Striker 2

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Archie comics

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Voice actor(s)


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Tufted Duck




157 cm (5 ft 2 in)


34 kg (74 lbs)










Bombs, Explosions, Shiny Objects


Bomb attacks, Beak Peck, Unlimited Supply of Bombs, Round and Round Uppercut, Wild Attack, Triple Throw, Shot, Dash Attack, Super Dash, Let's Attack, Dodge Attack

Bean the Dynamite is a green duck in the game Sonic the Fighters, also known in Japan and Europe as Sonic Championship.

Bean likes to throw bombs at his enemies, and seems to have an endless supply of them (it is believed that he has the ability to instantly manifest any type of explosives). The character was modeled after Bin and Pin, two characters in the arcade game Dynamite Dux.

He has also starred in Fighters Megamix, along with Bark the Polar Bear, and has made a cameo appearance in Virtua Striker 2 Ver 2000.1

Archie Edit

For more information, please see: Bean the Dynamite (Archie).

He and Bark appear in issue #160 of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic. During Which, Bean jumps out of a window after Fiona Fox's keys, and is later knocked out by Shadow the Hedgehog. He also made a cameo in the series' 50th issue. Like Bark, he used to be part of a mercenary band led by Nack the Weasel. He is also known to be very annoying to Sonic.

Trivia Edit

  • He cameoed on the cover of Sonic X for the April Fool Party issue. He is on an inflatable ring with tails in it.
  • He is one of the three characters (along with Fang the Sniper and Mephiles the Dark) to have a title that does not refer to his species. Dynamite refers to his expertise in explosives.
  • When Sonic Riders was published in Nintendo Power, many fans and reporters mistook Bean for Jet the Hawk due to their similiar appearances.
  • He is one of the tallest characters in the Sonic series.

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