Cheese & Chocola

Cheese and Chocola

Chocola is a brown Chao with a blue bowtie who is the brother of Cheese, who is friends with Cream the Rabbit. Chocola goes missing in Sonic Heroes, which begins Team Rose's quest. A news paper article shows Chocola being kidnapped by Sonic the Hedgehog. However Chocola was really captured by Metal Sonic disguised as Sonic, which Team Rose doesn't find out until the last story. Chocola was taken by Metal Sonic so that he could copy Chaos' data. Chocola has not been seen since, although there is a theory stating he now lives with Vanilla the Rabbit.

Chocola is often regarded as a filler character for Sonic Heroes, created only to act as an appropriate motive for Cream the Rabbit without requiring a separation between Cream and Cheese, as Cream relies heavily on Cheese to battle and survive.

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