See Sonic the Hedgehog (game).

The Final Zone
Sonic The Hedgehog - Final Zone
First appearence

Sonic The Hegehog


A green laboratory


South Island

Nearby areas

Scrap Brain Zone

(story mode)

Dr. Robotnik

Level number




Final Zone is the last level from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. It includes the final fight with Dr. Robotnik inside his private laboratory, and without a single ring to help, too. Robotnik will attack using special pods that can crush Sonic. Every time two out of four pods come down; one decoy, and one with Robotnik in it. Sonic is supposed to attack pods with Robotnik in them a total of 8 times. Between each pod movement spark balls come from the ceiling towards Sonic, who must dodge them. After clearing this level, Robotnik flees, during which Sonic can hit him one last time, and after which the player is treated to the end sequence and credits.

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