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The Sega Meganet was a network service in Japan for people using the Sega Mega Drive. Debuting in 1991, this was the first time multiplayer console gaming was possible to a second console. However, the service was not very successful and was eventually discontinued. Plans for this service were considered in North America, with the device being renamed the Tele-Genesis,[1] and was in fact advertised in several early product and accessory line-ups for the console, but these plans were also cancelled.

Players attached a Mega Modem (modem, with a speed of 1,600 to 2,400 bit/s) to the "EXT" DE-9 port on the back of the Mega Drive, and used it to go online to play games with other players. Later versions of the North American Genesis (with the Genesis logo printed in a single shade of gray and without the "High Definition Graphics" legend) and all units of the Genesis 2 omit the rear DE-9 connector altogether, though the provisions for it on the circuit board remained.

Games could be downloaded to the console. Among the available titles were: Phantasy Star II text adventures, Fatal Labyrinth, Sonic Eraser (a Sonic the Hedgehog/Columns crossover puzzle game), and a Mahjong title.

In 1995, the service was also started in Brazil.[citation needed] The selection of games was increased and included many popular titles such as Mortal Kombat II and FIFA Soccer '95.

See alsoEdit

  • XBAND - A third-party online gaming service
  • Sega Channel - Sega's network service in North America and Europe


  1. "Sega's Genesis". Electronic Gaming Monthly. July 1989. "One of the Genesis machine's most interesting features is the Tele-Genesis peripheral ... will enable you to play ... with friends down the street ... or even in another state!". 


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