Chapter 1: Hostile ReceptionEdit

Green Hill ZoneEdit

The game begins with Sonic being given a tutorial on this new style of gameplay for him. It's important to read each of these thoroughly in order to be fully prepared for the trials that lie ahead in the game. Afterward, go south down the path, grab the 4 rings, then jump up onto the green path on the right side. Take the 4 rings here, then dash through the spiral loop to reach the other side.

Go north, take the 5 rings by the palm tree, then run into the Chao Egg to the right; a random Chao will hatch from this egg later when you hear a "cracking" sound. When this happens, open the Status Menu and enter the Chao Garden to see what you've got, and equip it. Go south now and talk to the man by the woodpile and speak to him for a Side Mission.

Side Mission: The Tired Old Woodsman

Reward: 50 XP, POW Candy

The woodsman needs help chopping his wood, so agree to help. Grab the axe to the southwest and tap on the logs' Interact Icon three times to chop the wood for him. Go back and talk to him to receive your reward.

Head west now past the logs to find a box with some POW Candy in it. Continue west and look across the water to see an icon with a wing and a "II" on it; this means you need a character with the Fly II ability to get across. You'll have to come back later to reach this area when you have a character in your party who can do the job.

For now, go southeast to the dock and stand on the red button to pull a raft to you. Get on it and ride it south to the main island, where you'll encounter your first enemy, an Enraged Armadillo. You can't flee this battle, but don't worry, you will be hard-pressed to lose it. Just keep using regular attacks against the Armadillo until it's defeated.

Go south now and a Marauder will block the path with crates. How will we ever get past them?! Well, luckily, your friend Amy will join your party here, and her hammer can be used to Smash through the crates. Continue down the path, picking up the 3 rings and the Chao Egg to the right, between the trees.

Continue south to face a Sentry Drone and an action sequence where you must chase after it while jumping over crates. If you hit a crate, you'll take damage and slow down, so avoid them! Just attack the Drone when you catch it, then proceed south. Take the 8 rings here around the box, then open it for some Prune Juice and a Health Seed. Attack the Enraged Armadillo and the Wasp Swarms to earn some XP, enough to level up. Add a point to the stat of your choice, then put the other 5 points you're given into your POW Moves.

If you're hurt, use the Health Seed you picked up to heal your HP, then head up the ramp to the west. Grab the 10 rings up here, and take on the Wild Boar here, killing it first before take on its companions. Now go north to find 3 more rings on the ledge, and note the red crates; you'll need a character with the Smash II ability to break them, so remember them for later.

Go southwest now and dash through the loop, grabbing the 6 rings and taking on the enemies at the end. Pick up the 8 rings here, then go east, take the 3 rings, and open the box for a Health Seed and POW Candy. Continue east until you reach your first boss, a Marauder Scout.

BOSS: Marauder Scout

HP: 70 • Weakest Against: Fire

The Maurader Scout will give you an opportunity to use your POW Moves, so use whatever you've been putting points into. The Maurader will use Statis Grenades that can put your party to sleep, so be sure to hit all the inputs when he uses it to avoid this fate! This boss can also sap away your HP, so use a Health Seed if necessary to stay alive. Keep using your POW Moves on the Scout until you run out of PP, then use regular attacks until it's defeated.

Central CityEdit

Follow the 8 rings here to Tails's Workshop and enter to replenish your HP & PP, and save your game. Speak to Tails about Knuckles to get him to join your party, then leave the workshop to face two Sentry Drones and a Swat Bot. Destroy the Sentry Drones first, then go after the Swat Bot; the Swat Bot will be revived at the end of the round if you destroy it before you destroy both Sentries. Either boost your attacks to account for the Bot's armor, or use the Vulnerable status effect on it to lower its defense.

When all the robots are gone, go heal up and save your game again in Tails's Workshop, then head south down the road to find Rogue. As you talk to her, she'll be less than pleasant with Amy; your reactions here affect your relationship with Amy later on, so choose your words wisely. Rogue joins you now and takes you to the GUN HQ, which ends the chapter.

Chapter 2: The Search for KnucklesEdit

Central CityEdit

Leave the GUN HQ and head southeast to the center of town. Talk to the GUN agent by the streetlight, then go south and grab the 8 rings around the center lamppost. Go southeast now under the hanging lights and talk to the man by the sky blue car for a Side Mission.

Side Mission: Queen of the Swarm

Reward: 50 XP, Antidote

To complete this Side Mission, you'll have to defeat the Queen Wasp that's leading all the giant wasp swarming over the city. We'll cover how to get to the rooftops and then the Queen Wasp in the main walkthrough. Once you reach her, use any Bug Spray you may have purchased, then hit her with POW Moves (preferably fire- and wind-based ones). She'll try to poison you, so be ready to deal with that if necessary. Keep using POW Moves to kill her off and rid the city of the infestation! After the battle, grab the rings and Chao Egg in the area, and open the box for a Health Seed and Refresher. Now drop down and go talk to the man by the sky blue car again to end the sidequest.

Follow the road (and rings) down to the southwest and enter the shop down there. Purchase new equipment and items here; the Angel Amulet is probably the best thing to buy right now. The Bug Spray will also come in handy in a bit. Return to the center lamppost now and go north past the fire hydrant. Talk to the man by the yellow building to the northeast of it and you'll have a puzzle you need to solve.

Pipe Puzzle

Reward: 150 XP, Random Item

Head up the ramp and have Sonic stand by the red switch. Tap Amy's icon to make her your active character, then have her stand on the red floor switch to the north. Now have Tails stand on the second red switch. This should restore power to the crane. Have Sonic use the switch now. Tap on Rouge and have her go around the building Sonic's on, then tap the Interact Icon on the blue pipe to connect it with the hook hanging overhead. Switch back to Sonic now and have him use the switch again to complete the path of pipes!

Now have Sonic dash through the pipes to reach a ramp, then dash down that as well to bounce off a springboard and land nest to some Wasp Swarms. If Sonic has learned the Whirlwind attack, use that against them. Follow the path left and have Tails or Rouge fly to the next roof over to the west. Take out the wasps here, then jump to land on the brown building. Take the ring here, then drop back down and go northeast for more rings. Jump up to the right to reach the Queen Wasp if you want to take her on (and you really should). Check the "Side Mission: Queen of the Swarm" box above for more info on defeating the Queen Wasp.

After you take care of the Queen Wasp, return to Tails's Workshop to heal up, then go east of the workshop to find 2 rings by the airport and a Chao Egg farther east, by the hydrant. Go south of there, around the fence, to find a path to a manhole that goes down into the first hideout. Descend into the smell depths of the sewers to do so. You'll have two Swat Bots to deal with down here, and they must both be defeated in the same round, or the defeated one will be revived! Use POW Moves to defeat them, and Tails will find the Communicator #1 afterward. Take the ring here and open the box for some POW Candy and two Health Seeds. Now return to the surface.

Heal again at the workshop, then take the blue pipe back to the rooftops. Before you go to the area where the wasps were, use Tails or Rouge to fly to the glass roof you zipped past earlier. Jump down to the last section, then jump up to the roof with teh springboard on it to find 3 rings and a Chao Egg.

Go back and use the springboard now and make your way around to where you jumped to the roof with the Queen Wasp on it, but this time, jump to the orange roof on the left. Take the 4 rings as the roof curves around, then jump to the light brown ledge. Go through the green door, and when you come out the other side, cross the checkered wall to the door on the right. Head through and open the box for some Bug Spray, POW Candy, and a Revival Ring.

Go to the area below the springboard and jump down. Take out the Drones here, take the 3 rings, then heal your party before descending the stairs to the second hideout. Defeat the two Swat Bots down there as you did before, making sure to kill them both in the same round. Afterward, the Communicator #2 is yours. Take the one ring here and open the box for some POW Candy and two Health Seeds.

Side Mission: Mechanical Mugger

Reward: 75 XP, Clover Juice

Go heal again at the workshop, then head to the center of town. Dash down the ramp on the right side to reach a hidden alley, then move around the gap on the left and open the box for some Clover Juice, POW Candy, and a Health Seed. Go back through the gap and go north now to find the Mugger Robots: two Swat Bots and two Sentry Drones. Use regular attacks to take out the drones, then use POW Moves on the Swat Bots. Remember to take out the two Swat Bots in the same round! After they're dead, take the Chao Egg at the end of the alley.

Try to get your characters to Level 4 now so that Amy learns Smash II and Tails & Rouge learn Fly II. Once they do, go to the alley where the first hideout was located and have Amy Smash through the crates to find a Chao Egg. Next, head to the brown roof with the pipe tunnel, zoom down the ramps, then head back to the roof of the Chinese-looking building in the southeast corner. Have Tails or Rouge Fly across the gap there to the circular roof. Take the 6 rings here, then head north to find 5 more. Switch to Sonic and dash up the ramp to find a Chao Egg there, then jump down to find 2 rings. Now get to the lower-left edge and Fly to the top of the smaller round roof. Go left and Fly again to the roof of the yellow building, and grab the Chao Egg there.

That's it for Central City for now, so go heal up one more time at Tails's Workshop, then go west back to the Green Hill Zone.

Green Hill ZoneEdit

The Green Hill Zone is now infested with robots, so be prepared for battles with their ilk (and anytime you need healing, just return to Tails's Workshop). Now that you have teammates with special abilities, you can reach some stuff you couldn't before. From the bridge where you enter, head up and keep making the Jumps until you reach a ramp. Grab the rings here and dash up the ramp to find a Chao Egg at the top. Jump off the right side, and head east. Jump up the ledges here to find 7 rings and a box with some POW Candy and a Health Seed in it. Fly off the right side to reach the next ledge, take the 3 rings here, then fly back to the previous plateau. Jump off the south end, then go around the hill to the west and head up the ramp. Bounce off the springboard to reach 3 rings and a box with some Boxing Gloves in them, then equip them on Sonic.

Jump down to the ramp and head back east, staying near the water. Fly over the islands to find a Chao Egg, then fly farther east to find the first hideout here. Heal your party, then head in. Take care of the two Swat Bots in here as you have all the others and you'll receive the Communicator #3. Open the box here for two Health Seeds and some POW Candy, then leave.

Fly back over the isles to the main island, then follow the water northeast to the airport. Take out the enemies here, and grab all the rings in the area. Walk northwest between the two ledges to find another Chao Egg. Now head west past the red switches and damaged bridge until you reach the ledge with the next hideout above. Fly up there, enter, take care of the Swat Bots inside for the Communicator #4, then take the rings and open the box for some POW Candy and two Health Seeds, as well as the Chao Egg on the stairs.

You can't explore the rest of the Green Hill Zone without Knuckles, so return to Central City.

Central City, Part 2Edit

Go back down the road that's barricaded by a GUN agent until Tails gets an idea, then return to his workshop for some dialogue. Talk with your other party members, then leave and board the Tornado next to the airport. Select the Mystic Ruins as your next destination.

Mystic RuinsEdit

Grab the 9 rings when you land, then head right to meet Big the Cat, your next party member. Choose who will be in your active party, going off their special abilities primarily; to find everything in the Mystic Ruins, you'll need the skills of Big, Amy, and Tails or Rouge.

Head west around the tree to reach the gas clouds, then switch to Big and have him use his Invincibility skill to get through. Follow the path to a door, and head through to find a Chao Egg and two boxes containing Speedy Sneakers, Lucky Gloves, an Economizer, POW Gum, a Health Leaf, and an Antidote.

Go east now to where you met Big and use his Invincibility to get through the gas clouds there. Head down the steps, then go right and Jump to the island. Again, use Invincibility to get through the gas here and grab the Chao Egg. Return to the mainland and head west to find a GUN agent. Speak to him about the vents, your next puzzle.

Vent Puzzle

Reward: 250 XP, Random Item

Pick up all the rings in the vicinity, then set all four characters by the floor switches to the south. Have Sonic stand on the northeast one and Big on the southwest one to raise a battery holder/spinning disk. Now have Amy Interact with the spinning disk to grab it, then have Sonic stand on the northwest switch and Big stand on the southeast one. This should make a second battery holder/spinning disk appear. Have Amy Interact with the new battery holder to put her disk there, then move Sonic off the switch he's on to lower the holder. This should get the vents working again.

Cross to the vents now and Jump onto the pedestal, then Fly to the left ledge. Jump down to the ledge for 5 rings and a Chao Egg, then head into the secret hideout to face a Sentry MK. II and a Marauder Vet Scout. Have Amy use Empower, then have Big use Froggy Rain to make this battle a lot easier. Don't let the Marauder's Status Bomb put you to sleep, or you'll be wide open to attacks. Once they're gone, take care of the other group down here.

Exit this room via the door in the center, then have Amy Smash through the crates. Take the Chao Egg, then go back to the last room. Take the left door now, fight through the Sentry Drones and Marauders, then have Big use Invincibility II to get past the electricity. Have Amy Smash the crates in the next room to find another Chao Egg, then go back to the main room and take the right exit this time to find your new party member, Knuckles! You'll notice there's a Chao Egg in here; return after Knuckles joins the party to retrieve it.

Chapter 3: EgghuntEdit

Central CityEdit

You'll start off this chapter in Tails's Workshop. Talk to Big to receive the Norton is Missing Side Mission (which can't be completed until later, so we'll cover it then). Now leave the workshop and head down the road leading to the Mystic Ruins. After Shadow rusehs past you, continue toward the large green arrow sign, then Jump through the broken guardrail on the right. Use Knuckles to Climb the wall, grab the ring there, then Climb the next wall to find some red crates for Amy to Smash. Grab the 4 rings and Chao Egg here, and open the box for some POW Candy and Alloy Slippers.

Jump back to the street and head to the shop in the southwest corner after Tails receives a signal near there. Continue into the shop and agree to help find the shopowner's prized stapler in exchange for the device here. Leave the shop now and go west past the GUN HQ, and have Knuckles climb the white wall there. On the checkered ledge you'll get another signal. Jump down by the springboard and approach the hideout you cleared earlier in the game. Talk to the malfunctioning Swat Bot here and tell it its mission is complete to receive the Eggman Device (if you tell it otherwise, you'll still get the device, but you'll have to fight the Swat Bot first).

That's all you can do in Central City now, so swing into Tails's Workshop to heal and change your party (you'll want Big and a character who can Fly) then leave for the Mystic Ruins via the southern exit.

Mystic RuinsEdit

Grab the 10 rings here, then head down the path to where you solved the vent puzzle. After Tails receives a signature signal here, head south and Shadow will arrive on the scene for some dialogue. You can agitate him into fighting you, but if you choose your words more carefully, you'll avoid a skirmish. Either way, once he leaves, you'll have the Eggman Device #2 in your possession.

If you didn't get that Chao Egg in the secret hideout where you found Knuckles, go get that now. After you've retrieved it, come back to the vent area and go east of it to find some gas clouds choking a path leading south. Use Big's Invincibility to get through the gas, then head east (not south). Have Sonic Dash up the ramp and land on the building to the east. Have Knuckles Climb up the wall, then head through the doorway. Kill the Giant Millipedes inside, then take the 6 rings and Chao Egg in here.

Leave the room and drop back down to the previous ledge, then Jump down again to find 2 rings and a Chao Egg. Head through the doorway here to come out in the southeast corner. Kill the two Queen Wasps and Sentry Drone here, and grab all the rings as you head west. If you want that last ring, be prepared to fight a powerful Colossal Worm for it. This beast has 175 HP and good armor, so use piercing POW Moves on it.

Use Big's Invincibility to get through the gas to the north, then keep going north to reach the Tornado. Head west of it to the room you entered in the previous Chapter and you'll receive a signal. Take out the Robodillos as fast as you can, then have Big use Invincibility to get through the gas to the room to the north. Take out the Robodillos here and you'll find the Eggman Device #3.

Before heading out to the Green Hill Zone again, let's get the things we missed from the Mystic Ruins earlier. Go north past the left side of the Tornado and Fly twice to reach the top ledge. Kill the enemies up here, then use Invincibility to get through the gas clouds. Take the Chao Egg on the ledge, then jump down and head east to the water. Fly to the northeastern island, grab the rings and Chao Egg there, then Jump east. Grab the rings here, then head north and fight the Colossal Worm there. Now Fly to the small island to grab the last Chao Egg.

That's it for the Mystic Ruins. Now head to the Green Hill Zone.

Green Hill ZoneEdit

Cross the bridge and head left to the round structure made of white bricks. Climb it for a ring, and keep Climbing for a Chao Egg. Jump down on the other side, take the ring there, and go west to find Sal. Demand the Prize Stapler back from him, then return to Central City.

Central City, Part 2Edit

We won't be here long. Give the Prize Stapler back to the shopowner in the southwest corner of town and he'll hand over the Eggman Device #4. Okay, back to the Green Hill Zone!

Green Hill Zone, Part 2Edit

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

First Frog

Time to start dealing with that Side Mission you signed up for earlier with Big. You have to find Big's frog, Norton, but to do so, you must first find three other frogs. The first can be found in the far right corner, past the Tornado.

Go northwest of the airport now, between the two ledges, and talk to the man standing between the palm trees to initiate the bridge puzzle.

Bridge Puzzle

Reward: 250 XP, Antidote

Have Tails stand on the floor switch right in front of him, then have Amy stand on the switch to the east of her. Now have Rouge head to the end of the bridge and Fly across to the other side of the gap. Finally, have Sonic head to the end of the bridge and Jump across, then have him stand on the switch there. The bridge is now rebuilt!

Grab the 7 rings near here, and take out any Wasps nearby. You'll soon get a signal coming from the adjacent cave, so heal your party, and head inside to face a tough pair of bosses.

BOSS: Giant Scorpions x2

HP: 225 each • Weakest Against: Fire

You're going to need Antidotes or curing skills to deal with the Giant Scorpions' poison-inflicting attack, so be sure to have plenty on hand, and use them liberally. As for defeating the Scorpions, try to lower their attack strength first, then focus on one and beat it down with POW Moves until it's dead before moving on to the other one.

For defeating the scorpions, you'll receive the Pattern Generator. Choose to help the young boy here home to Central City.

Central City, Part 3Edit

Side Mission: A Young Boy in Trouble!

Reward: 25 XP, Health Leaf

Agree to help see the boy in the cave with the Giant Scorpions home. When you enter Central City, go past the shop and beneath the hanging lights to return the boy to his loving father.

Finishing up that Side Mission is all you have to do here now. Return to the Green Hill Zone, fool!

Green Hill Zone, Part 3Edit

Return to the cave where you fought the Giant Scorpions and go left to find a waterfall. Fly across and follow the path up to a new character named Cream. She's looking for her friend Cheese (of course), so if you manage to find that Chao, Cream will join your party.

So where's Cheese? Head down to the airport in the southeast corner and Climb the tower next to it. Check in the top of the tower to find Cheese there, as well as a box with Crazy Beans, an Iron Tonic, and a Spooky Charm in it. Bring Cheese back to Cream now and they'll both join your party (Cream as a playable character, and Cheese as an equippable Chao). You'll also earn 500 XP.

Head up the nearby ramp now, kill the Swat Bot up there, then go left, grabbing the 2 rings on the way.

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

Second Frog

At the end of the path with the 2 rings you'll find the second of the four frogs for this Side Mission. As you may expect, this one's not Norton either, but at least you can now check it off the list.

Head south on the other path and Dash up the loop to land on a hill. Speak to Dr. Madden here to start another Side Mission. He wants you to find the three Signal Projectors, so we'll cover them later in the walkthrough as you encounter them.

For now, head over the bridge to the right, and head up the ramp. Fly across to the other side, then Jump down to find more rings. Jump down, then go south to the plateau just west of the airport. Fly across the gap, then use Knuckles to scale the two rock walls to the ledge above. Go right to find a Chao Egg, then Dash up the ramp northwest of that.

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

Third Frog

After you land from the dash up the ramp, you'll see the third frog. Again, this isn't the right frog, but it means that the next frog you find will be Norton!

Fly across the gap here, then kill the Swat Bot in the vicinity. Now use the springboard to reach the first Signal Projector.

Side Mission: Stop the Signal

First Signal Projector

As soon as you try to disable this Signal Projector, some Wasp Swarms and a Raptor Hawk will attack your party. The Raptor Hawk is a really quick beast that you'll have severe trouble hitting with regular attacks, so try to slow them down with Sonic and/or Tails's POW Moves. Once the enemies are all dead, you can continue your search for the second projector.

Jump down to the ledge with the springboard on it now, then Dash down the ramp and through the loop. When you land, go right and Fly over the waterfall, and be sure to nab the Chao Egg to the right of the loop. Jump down by Dr. Madded, then head to the southwest corner of the zone. Smash through the red crates, then Jump across the rocks to reach the second projector.

Side Mission: Stop the Signal

Second Signal Projector

Like before, enemies will attack you once you disable the projector. Wipe them out quickly so you can get on with your search!

Go north now, all the way to the island where the game began.

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

Fourth Frog

Reward: 75 XP, Health Leaf (x2)

Head to the northernmost point on the island to find the fourth frog, aka Norton! Big is so pleased with your efforts that some XP and Health Leaves will be conjured out of thin air! How 'bout that!

Head to the western end of the island now and Fly to the smaller island to the northwest. Grab the 5 rings here, then Jump to the next island to find the third and final projector.

Side Mission: Stop the Signal

Third Signal Projector

Reward: 50 XP, Revival Ring, Cure All Spray

Kill the enemies that take umbrage with the fact that you've shut down the Signal Projector. Once they're gone, Jump down to the southern edge of the island for 2 rings and a Chao Egg, then return to Dr. Maddux and give him the good news!

Head to the center of the Green Hill Zone now and go up the ramp to the east (where you went in Chapter 1). Smash through the crates that blocked your way south earlier, and grab a Chao Egg for your troubles. Go north now over the bridge, Smash the next batch of crates, then Climb the rock wall to find a secret cave. Take out the Laser Drones protecting the entrance to the cave, then go in to face the next boss fight.

BOSS: Swat Bot MK. II x3

HP: 200 each • Weakest Against: Fire

Like the previous Swat Bots you've faced, you must defeat all Swat Bot MK. IIs in a single round, or the fallen ones will be revived with about 50 HP. Yeah, we agree, this gameplay mechanism is getting old fast. Use armor-piercing moves to get through their tough exterior, and spread out your attacks to spread the damage around. That way, when the HP of all three bots is low, you can hit them all with a group attack to finish them off at once.

And with that, you've found Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik, who in a move totally copped from Bowser's turn in Super Mario RPG, unexpectedly joins your party! On to Chapter 4...

Chapter 4: A Wolf in the ShadowsEdit

Blue Ridge ZoneEdit

You begin this Chapter at the airport, in the southeast corner of the zone. Go northeast to find a shop where you can purchase some new items and gear for your team. The Ring of Life is a smart buy, but definitely be sure to grab a Blue Ridge Times for later.

Go west of the Tornado now to find a factory worker standing by a blue barrel. Talk to him to start the Deliver the Warning Side Mission, which will be covered in pieces later. Walk southwest of the worker and Jump up the structures to the green roof, then jump east across the other roofs to reach a point where you can Fly up to the roof of the building with the blue eaves. From there, Fly across to the orange-roofed building, then head up the ramp to find a springboard. Use it to reach the top of the building, then Fly left to the water tower, where you'll find a Chao Egg.

Return to the green roof now and Jump down to the wooden roof at its northeast corner. Fly across to the wooden building across the way, Jump up to the next ledge, and Fly to the next to reach a Chao Egg at the top of the building. Drop back to ground level now and go west of the water tower to find Shadow, who you'll be fighting no matter what!

BOSS: Shadow

HP: 275 • Weakest Against: None

You'll want to distract Shadow, because not only does he like to counter your attacks, but his regular attacks are also quite powerful. He also has a Chaos Rift attack that can knock you unconscious, so hit the defense inputs correctly to avoid this. As with most bosses, your most powerful POW Moves are the name of the game here. In particular, keep Sonic's health up, because after the battle, he'll have to fight Shadow by himself.

In any case, after you beat Shadow, Sonic must chase after him. You must avoid hitting the little orbs here, because each one inflicts 25 HP worth of damage! When you eventually catch up to Shadow, have Sonic hit him with Axe Kick and/or other powerful POW Moves. Don't use regular attacks, or Shadow will most likely still counter them.

And just like that, Shadow decides to join your party! Talk to him about his friend, E-123 Omega, then head northwest to the booth.

Side Mission: Man in the Booth

Reward: 25 XP, Prune Juice

Interact with the booth to learn that there's a man locked inside it! The man wants a newspaper, and if you were smart and followed our earlier advice, you'll have already purchased the Blue Ridge Times from the shop in town. Hand it over to complete this Side Mission.

Go north now across the bridge to find a Dragodon. Hit it hard and fast with your toughest attacks and fire-based moves to kill it quickly, because it can regenerate 38 HP per round. Once it's dead, go east to find 5 rings, then go north to find some red crates. Smash them, then climb the steps to the factory.

Side Mission: Deliver the Warning

Warn the Foreman

Talk to the foreman here about the warning the worker in town gave you about starting the factory while the breakers are open. You must now go back and talk to the worker!

Before you head back to town, go right to the edge of the walkway and Jump down. Go past the springboard and under the stone ramp to find a Chao Egg, then go back and use that springboard to return to the factory walkway. Follow it the other way to find more rings, then fly across the gap to the mesa. Take the rings here, then Jump off the left side. Grab the 4 rings between the two loops here, then head south across the bridge. Return to the town to the southeast.

Side Mission: Deliver the Warning

Return to the Worker

Reward: 500 XP, Speed Bar

Go find the worker you talked to earlier to complete this Side Mission.

Return to where you were across the bridge and between the two loops, then get on the left side of the western loop and Dash through both of them. You'll end up on a ledge south of the factory. Smash the red crates here, take the Chao Egg to the east, then go back and dash up the stone ramp. You'll land on a small pillar of rock. Use the springboard to reach the Chao Egg, then Jump down. Grab the 5 rings to the north of the bushes.

At this point, you can continue north to finish the Chapter more quickly, or you can continue along with this walkthrough to finish all the Side Missions and gain more XP. We suggest the latter.

Head south to the intersection with the two signs, and take out the Shield Pawn and drones there before speaking with the nearby GUN Official. He wants you to help him back to the airstrip at Station Square, so accept this Side Mission now. Grab the 5 rings to the west, then head south on the path until you see a red car on the left. Jump up to the ledge above it, then Fly up twice, and finally Climb to the top of this mesa. Grab the 3 rings here, then Jump back down. Go past it to find a ring behind the large sign, then head north to a well; hop in to find 2 rings and a Chao Egg.

Leave the well and Dash up the ramp to the west. You'll land on a hill just to the northeast. Grab the 5 rings here, then Fly to the hill to the west. Bounce off the springboard here to the south, grab the Chao Egg, then bounce off this springboard and Jump down. Head south past the big sign and grab the rings to the south around the cabin.

Side Mission: Timmy's in Trouble

Reward: 75 XP, Crazy Beans

Talk to the man by the cabin to learn that Timmy fell down the well! Agree to help rescue him, then return to the well you hopped into earlier. Talk to Timmy there, then take him back to his father at the cabin for your reward.

Head south from the cabin now and west around the bushes to find a Chao Egg. Head east now to find a springboard, and use that to reach the level above. Take the 3 rings and Chao Egg to the south, then look north for more rings. Bounce off the springboard there, then Fly east to reach the Chao Egg on the pillar. Jump down now, take the 10 rings here, then head back to the town to the southeast.

Side Mission: GUN Escort

Reward: 100 XP, Immunity Booster, POW Gum

Time to wrap up this sidequest. Bring the GUN Official to the airstrip in town to complete your escorting duties and receive your reward.

Go west on the road now outside of town, then go north past the large sign and then the two signs where you found the GUN Official. Keep going north past them to find 5 more rings, then heal your party and prepare for a tough boss fight farther up the path ahead.

BOSS: Procurator Shade & Nocturnus Velite x2

Procurator Shade - HP: 200 • Weakest Against: Fire

Nocturnus Velite - HP: 90 each • Weakest Against: Fire

You have three targets here, and the Procurator Shade should be taken out first, since it can revive its fallen comrades. Hit her with POW Move after POW Move, and make sure you avoid getting hit by any Stun Grenades. Once the Procurator Shade goes down, use POW Moves with sluggish effects on the Nocturnus Velites, as they can be quite good at dodging your attacks.

Make your way to the northwest corner of the zone now and talk to the man by the door to begin the Subway Door puzzle.

Subway Door Puzzle

Reward: 500 XP, Revival Ring

The unfortunate thing about this puzzle is that it is random, lacking a concrete solution that works every time. Have a character Interact with the door to display a pattern of red boxes on the overhead screen. You must now place two characters on the red switches that correspond to this pattern. Each switch is labeled with a pattern of red boxes, but only two of these patterns, when combined, will create the pattern displayed on the screen. Simply look at each of the smaller patterns, and figure out which ones cannot possibly create the main pattern above, and avoid that switch. Step on the two that match up to create the whole pattern, and you will move on to a new pattern where you must step on three switches to form the whole pattern. You'll then have one final pattern you must create using four switches. If you get any of them wrong, you must start over from the beginning.

You will now be asked if you are ready to continue on to Metropolis. You won't be able to come back after you go there, so make sure you've done all you can up to this point before committing!

Chapter 5: Battle for Angel IslandEdit


Speak with the rest of your allies, then form two teams of four. Sonic and Knuckles must be on one team, and Tails and Eggman must be on the other. We suggest adding Cream to Sonic's team to make use of her healing abilities. Whenever you need to heal your party, return to this room. For the next bit of the walkthrough, we'll refer to these teams as Team Sonic and Team Tails.

Team Sonic

Leave the stronghold now and enter the hallway. Defeat the Assault Drone and Seeker Drone out here, then take the Chao Egg at the end of the corridor. Now take the stairs up to Metropolis proper.

Team Tails

Go down the adjoining hallway, then go left into the room there to find the Weapon Part 1.

Team Sonic

Head northwest and Climb the wall there. Use the crates here to reach the orange roof of the small building, then bounce off the springboard to reach a Chao Egg. Jump back down to the ground and head west. Take the rings there, then go down the ramp to the south and open the box for a Ring of Life, Swift Boots, and Grapple Claws.

Return to the building you hopped up earlier and continue northeast to find more rings, and northwest over the grating to find even more rings. Jump off the right side to find a Chao Egg, then Fly back up to the ledge. Go to where you climbed the wall to get up here in the first place, and Jump down to where you came up the stairs. Go up the brown steps to the right to find 3 rings and a Chao Egg, then go back down and head north up the narrow path. At the end, head northwest, take out the Gun Pawns, then grab the Chao Egg there.

Go to the far eastern side of the zone now and Climb up the wall above the brown grating. Take the Chao Egg up here, then go back down and head left past the ramp. Take the northern path up and then northeast to find a box with Speedy Sneakers in it. Return to the ramp now and head up it to the airbase. Defeat the Seeker Drones and Nocturnes up here, then Climb the wall and Jump into the hangar.

Team Tails

Go south, kill the Shield Pawns with armor-piercing POW Moves, then go left. Open the box for some Rock Salt, POW Gum, and a Health Root, then head up the steps to the surface. Fly up the small yellow structures to the west and go north to find a box; open it for some Blunt Claws and POW Gum.

Jump down and go west up the ramp, walk south, and Fly across to the rooftop with 4 rings on it. Fly off the left edge to the pillar for 3 more rings, then head back to the ledge with the railing. Use the springboard to the righ to fht long ramp to find 3 rings, then Fly off the left edge to the top of the ramp. Take out the Drone here, then run down the ramp for 4 rings and a Chao Egg on the left side. Walk back up the ramp and open the box there for the Weapon Part 2.

Return to the underground tunnels now and enter the stronghold to heal your party. Leave via the exit Sonic's Team used, then head north to the lab in the center of the zone.

Team Sonic

Take the 2 rings here, then ascend the stairs to fight some enemies, including some Nocturnes. They may drop a Nocturnus Tech, but if not, keep fighting Nocturnes and you will eventually. Nab the ring up here, then fight the Captain, who's a Nocturne Hastatus. Use your best POW Moves to defeat him, then approach the other Nocturnes that arrive afterward.

Team Tails

After receiving the Beam Cannon, leave the lab, then return to the underground area and head through the exit to the north part of the zone. Take the 5 rings to the southeast, then speak to the man there about the escalators.

Escalator Puzzle

Reward: 750 XP, POW Candy

Start by setting a character by each of the colored squares here. Tails should head up the ramp and Fly to the middle section to sand on the red square by the switch. Have another character head up the ramp and stand by the yellow square's switch, then have another character go around the central platform to the right and stand by the switch by the blue square. Have your last character Interact with the generator to create a random pattern of colors. You must then hit the switches that correspond to those colors in the correct order. Replicate three sequences in a row to solve the puzzle and get the escalator working again!

Interact with the escalator to take it up to the tower. Defeat the Nocturnes at the top, take the 3 rings here, then Fly off the right edge and let the air vents thrust you up to the yellow ledge to the northeast. Head to the left edge here and Fly to the next tower. Go left to the white arrow pointing southwest and Fly to the next ledge. Jump up to find 4 rings, then take the nearby stairs down into the structure. Kill the four Laser Drones and you'll find E-123 Omega, your newest character! He (it?) will go to the stronghold and wait for you there.

Go upstairs and walk over to the fans by the grey railing. Fly to the round platform and Jump up the pipes there. Keep Jumping until you're at the main section, and take the Chao Egg you find there. Now use the springboard, then Fly over the sewage. If you want to add Omega to your team, go back and do so now. Otherwise, go back up the escalator and Fly to the top of the central tower again. Jump down to the metal grating, then Fly off the southeast edge to a metal ramp. Go down the ramp and Jump off the northern edge to find a Chao Egg and a box containing a Health Leaf and Rusty Hydraulics.

Go right now and bounce off the springboard to clear the railing. Take the stairs in the southwest corner underground, then resurface at street level. Return to the central tower, the Jump down again. Go left this time and Fly west to the orange grating. Grab the Chao Egg and rings there, then Fly off the east edge, over the railing. Head around to the ladder and Climb it to find an anti-aircraft cannon; try to use it to trigger a fight with a Guardian Pawn and some Drones. Use Eggman's Sabotage move to get rid of the Guardian, then finish off the drones.

Angel IslandEdit

Team Sonic

Take the 6 rings here, then go left and Fly to the small island. Fly to the next island to find a Chao Egg, then return to where you began and head north. Bounce off the springboard to reach another Chao Egg, then Jump down and go east to the stone wall. Jump down, defeat the enemies there with water-based moves, then open the box for a Health Leaf, Clover Juice, and Sparkly Gloves.

Climb back up the wall now and cross the bridge to the north. Climb the wall to the northeast of the bridge to find another Chao Egg, then Jump back down and head east to find a box containing a Speed Bar, Ring of Life, and Swift Boots. Jump south off the ledge to find 4 rings, then go southwest and Smash through the wooden crates. Keep following this path as it goes south, then turns east. Smash through the next bunch of crates and continue east until you can Jump over the stream to an island to the south. Jump to the island east of this for a Chao Egg, then return to the main island and go north.

Ascend the yellow steps on the right to find 4 rings, then take the left stairs for 2 more. Circumvent the springboard to find a box containing a Health Root and 2 POW Drinks, then go use that springboard to bounce to a ramp. Dash over it to find 2 rings, and 2 more rings after that. Climb the stairs and get ready to face three fights you can't run away from. If Cream's in your party, make sure she uses Refresh every turn to keep your HP up!

Team Tails

Back in Metropolis, have Team Tails Fly off the left edge, then Jump down from the orange area. Return to the underground stronghold and save your game when Eggman suggests it: you won't be able to return to Metropolis after you step onto the teleporter, so make sure you've done all you can!

Team Sonic

You'll be facing four Nocturnus Hastatus, and since they have the ability to regenerate, take them out one at a time. When they're all dead, form a party for the boss battle ahead. Make sure you've got a healer (either Cream or Tails) in there; you're gonna need it!

BOSS: Imperator Ix

HP: 350 • Weakest Against: Fire

Imperator Ix is accompanied by a pair of Nocturne Hastatus, but you should ignore them and go after Ix first since he can revive any fallen allies. This battle will be difficult no matter who's in your party, but some characters will make it easier to win than others. For instance, Omega's Beam Cannon works great on whittling down Ix's HP, and Eggman's Bombardment move is good for damaging all the enemies simultaneously. Tails, if he's in your party, should be healing and using Flash Bang whenever possible. Try not to use regular attacks, as Ix loves to counter them. Once Ix goes down, finish off the Nocturnes to wrap up this chapter.

Chapter 6: Black Hole SunEdit

Ruined MetropolisEdit

You'll start this Chapter by getting a new party member -- Shade! She's a mandatory party member for this next section, so choose the rest of your party, then head left to find a Chao Egg. Go back down the hill on the left and Fly southwest. Jump to the round platform, then Jump again into the hole. Interact with the first generator, then leave.

Head over to the structure on the eastern side of the zone and scale it to the roof via the springboards. Use the ramp there to reach the crumbling building northwest of it, and take the Chao Egg there. There's another Chao Egg on top of the westernmost structure in the zone as well, so go retrieve that.

Now, for those generators. The second one can be found through the doorway in the southeast corner, east of Eggman's lab. Go activate it. The third generator can be found up the ramp from the second generator; be sure to take the Chao Egg in there as well.

Now that Eggman's lab's electricity is flowing once more, head to the upper room of the eastern building. Save your game, then go through the door east of the ramp. This is the Hazard Vault, and you'll be fighting a boss here!

BOSS: Egg Bot

HP: 280 • Weakest Against: Water

The Egg Bot has two Assault Drone MK. IIs with it, and any round where the Drones are still alive, the Egg Bot can repair itself for 30 HP. Though it may sound like you should go after the Drones first because if this, you should not neglect inflicting damage on the Egg Bot, but its attacks can be devastating. In particular, his Shocker attack (no, not that Shocker) can hit you with serious damage as well as stun you, so you'll want to make sure you defend properly against that by hitting the prompts. Try to use attacks that hit all three enemies at the same time to spread the damage around, and use your very strongest POW Moves on the Egg Bot.

For defeating the Egg Bot, you'll receive the Dimensional Buffer. Head right and Smash through the crates there to find a Chao Egg and a box containing a Cure All Spray, POW Drink, and Iron Claws. Exit the Hazard Vault now, Jump down twice, then return to the lab so you can talk to Tails and end the Chapter.

Chapter 7: Quest for the Chaos EmeraldsEdit


Once you step onto Kron, Kron Warriors will attack you. These guys have a lot of HP and a lot of defense, so use armor-piercing moves on them, and other POW Moves like Omega's Beam Cannon. Once the battle's over, re-enter the Cyclone and speak to Rouge.

Side Mission: Secret Operations

Reward: 1,000 XP, Health Root, Refresher Wave

Rogue wants five pieces of Nocturnus Tech. These are obtained by defeating memebers of the Nocturnus Clan, but this is random. Keep battling them as you make your way throughout Kron, and when you've gotten five of them, return to Rouge in the Cyclone for your reward.

Go east now and Smash through the crates, then head up the ramp to find a Chao Egg. Return to the Cyclone, then head south to find more Kron Warriors. Keep heading south, then jump into the hole for another Chao Egg. Check the southeast corner of the zone for a Chao Egg, then enter the cave northeast of it. Speak to Nestor to learn about the Relics of the Past Side Mission. Nestor wants 4 Nocturne relics, and one can be found in each of the other colonies. We'll cover these later.

Head west of the crater you jumped in earlier to find a cave, then enter and Smash through the crates there to find a Chao Egg. Take the northern exit, then go east to get back outside on the upper plateau on the west side of the zone. Follow the path north, west, then south for a Chao Egg, then go back to the cave exit and head east this time, following the path to yet another Chao Egg.

Go back to the ramp you just passed and head north. Follow this to a cave where you'll meet a Kron trader, who will sell you items and equipment. Buy what you want (those Med Emitters and Refresher Waves are great healing items), then head to the northern end of the cave to speak to Krag.

Return to the exit of the cave you used to reach this upper area, and use the nearby springboard to reach the area above. Talk to the Kron here for a puzzle.

Conveyor Puzzle

Reward: 1,000 XP, Revival Ring

This is a trial-and-error puzzle where you must activate the switches by the colored circles to raise the crushers as you dash past. Each of the circles can display a |, +, or = signal. You must keep toggling the first switch by teh blue circle and Dash over the conveyor until you get past the first crusher, then do this again with the yellow circle.

Take the Chao Egg to the north once you reach the other side, then follow the path to fight a Gizoid. The Gizoid can mimic your attacks, but it also has its own nasty moves at its disposal. Use water-based POW Moves to take it out fast. Continue following the path, then Smash through the blue crates to find 4 rings and a Chao Egg. Go back a bit, then take the ramp going down to find the entrance to the generator room. Shut it down, then go through the northern door and talk to Foreman Krag.

Take the door on the right to enter the factory, where you'll face Nocturne Equites. These guys are fast, but they're weak if you can actually get a hit in; use Moves with sluggish effects to slow them down. Head right now and follow this hall to a box containing a Nocturnus Relic. Now check the opposite corner of the area for the Chaos Emerald 1.

Leave the factory now, and return to the Cyclone. If you haven't found the five pieces of Nocturnus Tech and given them to Rogue yet, now's a good time to do that! When you're ready, board the Cyclone and head to N'rrgal.

Chapter 8: Sector ScyllaEdit

N'rrgal ColonyEdit

Once you exit the Cyclone, you'll strike up a conversation with some creatures. The dialogue you choose here affects whether or not you'll attack them, but we recommend not provoking them just yet. Make sure your party's amply equipped, then note the creatures attacking the Cyclone to battle three N'rrgal Drones. If you attack them now, you'll be facing stronger N'rrgal Warriors instead of weaker Drones later, as you see fit here.

In any case, with Big in your party (and hopefully Omega, too), head east and Jump off the edge there to find a Chao Egg, then return to the Cyclone and hop off the edge to the northwest; continue north and open the box there for a Nocturnus Relic. Now go west, using Big's Invincibility to get through the electric field (and all subsequent electric fields) to find another Chao Egg.

Go back to the Cyclone again, then head west through the electric field, then north. Dash up the ramp, then follow the path east and then northeast to find a Chao Egg behind some crates. Go back to the last intersection and head southeast this time to find another Chao Egg. Use the ramp here to reach the west side of the area and use the springboard to reach the upper ledge, where you'll find another Chao Egg. Now enter the cave just northeast of this egg.

Speak with the N'rrgal Queen here, then return to the Cyclone to jettison off to the Zoah Colony.

Zoah ColonyEdit

Bring Rouge or Shade along for this section of the Chapter, and use either's Stealth ability to avoid getting shot at by the robot turrets scattered throughout this zone. Once you land, step down the ramp and you'll be attacked by a pair of Zoah Brutes. The Zoah Brutes are vulnerable to earth-based attacks, so wearing an Earth Ring (purchased at Kron) will make battling them easier, as will POW Moves like Omega's powerful Beam Cannon.

After the battle, go south and talk to the Zoah there to trigger two Side Missions: The Night Stalker and The Night Stalker Haniman, which we'll cover later. For now, head around to the east side of the landing pad (talking to the Zoah along the way who unlocks the Pirates of the Twilight Cage Side Mission) and Jump down to the rooftop. There's a shop here where you can buy items and equipment, so spend away. After that, go to the northern side of the rooftop and Jump down to find a Chao Egg. Enter the room to the east here to find a box containing Cursed Gloves, Prune Juice, and a Refresher Wave, then leave.

Talk to the Zoah outside the door to trigger the The Night Stalker Telra Side Mission. Go south to find 4 rings, then head back a ways to speak to the Zoah you passed earlier

Side Missions: The Night Stalker/The Night Stalker Haniman/The Night Stalker Telra

Reward: 3,000 XP, Precursor Tablet, Crazy Beans

By talking to this Zoah you'll learn that he's Haniman. Keep talking to him about the Night Stalker until he sics a Dragodon on you, and defeat it. This solves all the "Night Stalker" Side Missions at once!

Go west and enter the door; open the box for a Voxai Teleporter, Immunity Booster, and Med Emitter. Leave now and go east, and use Stealth to get past the turret. At the intersection, go south and enter the door, and open the box here for an Immunity Booster, Antidote, and Refresher Wave. Leave, then go to the southeast corner of the zone. Go north from here into the door, then use the ramp to reach a Chao Egg. Use the ramp to return to the southeast corner, then head back to the intersection and go west to find 4 rings, and a room to the north. Enter the room and open the box for the Nocturne Relic 3.

Exit the room and go southwest for some rings, then southeast to another door. Take the 4 rings in here, then leave and head up the walkway on the left for 3 more rings. Ignore the ramp for now and go right. Jump down, then enter the door by the springboard; this is where you would have found Telra if you hadn't already found the Night Stalker. Use the springboard to return to the upper level, then go south to the right side of the sloping walkway. From here, Fly to the roof of the building to the east, then Fly again to the next rooftop to the south. Go to the southwest corner to find a Chao Egg there, the Fly back to the sloping walkway. Go north and Dash over the ramp to reach a Chao Egg in the northwest corner.

Go back to that intersection yet again, then go southeast, staying on the left side of the walkway to find a Jump point. Jump down a few times to reach the lower level, then go southeast and Dash over the ramp, bouncing off the springboards until you land. Go east just a bit and Jump down to find a Chao Egg and 4 more rings, then Jump back down to the ramp. Speak to the Zoah here about the puzzle and he'll tell you that you need a keycard. Go west (the star is marked on your map) and you'll speak with a Zoah Guard. If you want to jump to the final battles of this area, petition a challenge or try to gain citizenship, but if you want to find everything this colony has to offer, don't do that! Also, ask about the Chaos Emerald to fight the Zoah Brutes by the door. Once they're gone, you'll be able to tackle the puzzle.

Math Puzzle

Reward: 1,850 XP, Revival Ring

In order to find the passcode to the door, you must do a little math. You'll be given three numbers that plug into a random algebraic formula (something like A + B x C = D). Stand on the floor switch to receive your sequence, then have a different character Interact with the icon above the red console to cycle through the numbers to find the correct one.

You can now enter the fortress. Head inside, then use Stealth to get past the turret. When you reach the four-way intersection, look to the left for a box containing a Cure All Spray and an Iron Tonic. Go back to the intersection now and go north to the room with glass containers. Open the box to the left here for some Cursed Gloves and Psychic Water. Go back to the intersection one more time now and go east. Use Stealth to get past the turret, then head north and use Stealth to get past the turret there.

When you reach the Chaos Emerald, you'll be captured, and thrown into a boss fight!

BOSS: Commander Syrax

HP: 400 • Weakest Against: Earth

The worst thing about Commander Syrax is that his normal attacks can Curse you, and his Power Burst can Distract you. He's also got two Zoah Brutes with him, but you should save those until after you've finished off Syrax. Use earth-based POW Moves on one enemy at a time, and keep your HP high, particularly Sonic's, because he'll fighting a one-on-one fight directly following this battle...
BOSS: General Raxos

HP: 280 • Weakest Against: Earth

Since Sonic is facing General Raxos alone here, you should use your first move to use an item like Rock Salt or an Immunity Booster to make him more effective in battle. Follow that up with your best POW move, then end your turn with either another POW Move or a healing item. Keep up this pattern until Raxos goes down.

After the battle, you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 2. Instead of returning to the Cyclone, go back to the room you were in and go through the new door to the south. Open the two boxes in here for a Refresher Wave Iron Tonic, Rock Salt, Med Emitter, Crazy Beans, and Clover Juice. Go back to the Cyclone now and fly to the N'rrgal Colony.

N'rrgal Colony, Part 2Edit

The Queen will give you the Chaos Emerald 3 once you arrive. After that, make sure Big is in your party and head to the shop owner here in N'rrgal. Talk to him about the pirates, and agree to ship his N'rrgal Shipment to Kron for him. This starts the Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment Side Mission.

Side Mission: Pirates of the Twilight Cage

Reward: 10,000 XP, Precursor Tablet, Random Item

Go back to the Cyclone now and open the world map to fight four Nocturne Praetorians. These guys have 420 HP and are weak to fire-based attacks. Once they're dead, you'll have completed this Side Mission and receive your reward!

Return to Kron now.


Side Mission: Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment

Reward: 2,500 XP, Kron Payment, Random Item

Speak with the Kron trader (in the cave where you spoke with Foreman Krag) and give him the N'rrgal Shipment in exchange for the Kron Payment.

Now fly back to the N'rrgal Colony.

N'rrgal Colony, Part 3Edit

Side Mission: Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment

Reward: 2,500 XP, Refresher Wave, Random Item

Give the Kron Payment to the N'rrgal trader for your reward.

Return to the Cyclone now and fly off to the Voxai Colony Beta.

Chapter 9: Sector CharybdisEdit

Voxai Colony BetaEdit

Jump down after you grab the 3 rings, then Jump down to the ground. Go west and enter the building there. Fight the Dominated Voxai Citizen with fire- or earth-based POW Moves, then open the box here for a Cure All Spray, Crazy Beans, and a Ring of Life. Leave the building afterward and head south to find a Chao Egg. Follow the path east and then north to find a shop and a Voxai trader. Buy what you want from the shop, then return to the Cyclone.

Head east and then north from the ship, following the rings to a ramp. Head right from that and use Shade or Shadow to Teleport to the Chao Egg inside the pink thing. Teleport out, then enter the building in the northeast corner. Take the Chao Egg here, then leave. Dash up the ramp to reach the northwestern side of the zone, where you'll meet Thebes and learn where his home is located.

Go south now and Interact with the blue bubble to get warped to the eastern side of the zone. Grab the 4 rings here, then Jump to the center section and go northeast, back to the ramp. Use the blue bubble to the left of the ramp to warp to the southeastern part of the zone, then use the blue bubble to the northeast to warp to the western side. Grab the rings here and head southeast. Jump to the ledge above, then go into the building on the left. Open the box here for the Nocturne Relic 4, then leave and Teleport into the big pink thing for a Chao Egg.

Teleport out and enter the building to the southeast. Open the box in here for a Zoah Shield, Health Seed, and Psychic Water, then leave. Speak to the Voxai, Croesus, in front of the building to unlock the Overmind Interference Side Mission.

Side Mission: Overmind Interference

Reward: 4,500 XP, Psychic Water, POW Drink

Use the blue bubble at the southern end of the land to teleport to the land at the northern end of the zone. Take the Chao Egg here, then defeat the Nocturnus to the left. This should destroy their static-causing machine. Now use the blue bubble to the left to warp to the left of the Cyclone. Make your way back to Croesus to deliver the good news.

Now Dash over the ramp/loops behind the building to land by Thebes's house. Heal your party, then step inside. You'll be attacked by enemies, so defeat them quickly with POW Moves. Leave the house afterward and you'll see a Voxai that will attack if you get too close to it. Jump down to the center section of land, then use the ramp to the northeast again to zip to the next boss battle!

BOSS: Thelxe & Voxai Conspirators x2

Thelxe - HP: 400 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

Voxai Conspirators - HP: 350 each • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

These Voxai have a high counter rate, so you'll want to avoid using regular attacks as much as possible. Instead, use your best earth- or fire-based POW Moves, and for characters lacking such moves (like Sonic), you may want to have them Defend or cure any ally that becomes stunned.

For defeating the bosses you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 4. Use the teleporter here to reach Colony Alpha.

Voxai Colony AlphaEdit

Once you're on the ground, go left and Teleport into the pink thing. Go left, then Teleport out. Jump down for a Choa Egg in the corner, then Jump off the center of the platform to the right, bounce off the springboard, and land on the right platform. Return to where you began here, Teleport into the pink thing and out again, and fly over the gap by the Voxai Conspirators to find 5 rings. Head up the ramp with the pink lines, then Jump up to the ledge. Go past the Voxai Conspirator and take the path south to another pink thing. Teleport into it, then out the southern end. Go down the ramp, then Teleport into the next pink thing to find a Chao Egg.

Teleport out to the west, then take the ramp south to a Jump point. Jump down, then head south on the pink-lined ramp. Teleport inside the pink thing on the left and bounce off the springboard to reach a Chao Egg. Jump down,, then head to the southwest corner to find the Nocturne Relic 5 in a box.

If Amy's in your party, Smash through the blue crates near here to find a Chao Egg. Go east now under the archway and Dash up the ramps. Teleport into the pink thing, then go south down the ramp into another pink thing. Teleport inside for a Chao Egg, then Teleport out to the west. Go through the opening in the ramp to the north of you to find a box containing Grapple Claws, a Med Emitter, and a Refresher Wave. Head southwest on the ledge and get close enough to the pink thing to the northwest to Teleport inside it, where you'll find a Chao Egg.

Make your way back to where you landed after dashing over the series of ramps, and head north. Grab the 6 rings in the area, then head right to find the Color Puzzle.

Color Puzzle

Reward: 3,500 XP, Antidote

Have one character Interact with the switch, then set any three characters on the pressure plates in front of the switches. Now you must simply have a character Interact with the switch that matches the color being flashed. Note that if a color flashes twice, that means you do not flip the corresponding switch. Only flip the matching switch if the color flashes once! You have to be quick about this, hitting the appropriate switch before the next color flashes on the display. Once you make all eight matches, the barrier in the center will be gone.

Head north to the big wall now, Climb it, then Jump off the western side to reach the center section, where you'll face a trio of bosses.

BOSS: Overmind Ligaia, Overmind Leucosia, & Overmind Riadne

Overmind Ligaia - HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

Overmind Leucosia - HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

Overmind Riadne - HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

Besides the fact that each of the Overminds can Poison you with their attacks, they each have their own status ailment they can inflict on you, either Distract, Stun, or Sluggish. They have low defense, though, so use something like Rock Salt or Empowering to make your attacks even stronger, then go after each of them, one at a time. Go after Overmind Ligaia first, since it has the ability to Stun you. Sonic should spend part of his turns curing any status afflictions, as should Tails and Cream.

After you're victorious, you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 5. Take the 6 rings to the south, then bounce off the northern springboard to the right to return to the ledge you jumped down from. Take the big teleporter back to Colony Beta.

Voxai Colony Beta, Part 2Edit

Go speak to Croesus, then head to Thebes's house and open the box you couldn't earlier. You'll find the Precursor Tablet 4 inside. Now get back to the Cyclone and talk to your teammates, then fly off to Kron to begin the final Chapter.

Chapter 10: Citadel ShowdownEdit


Side Mission: Relics of the Past

Reward: 8,000 XP, Med Emitter, Precursor Tablet

Go to the cave in the southeast corner of the zone and speak to Nestor there. Hand over the five Nocturne Relics you've collected in exchange for the final Precursor Tablet.

Side Mission: The Argus Event

Reward: 10,000 XP, Med Emitter, Ring of Life

For finding all five Precursor Tablets, you will have also completed this Side Mission!

Now go to Foreman Krag for the multi-colony meeting. After that, go to the Cyclone and speak to Tails. Once you leave for Nocturne, there's no returning, so spend the rest of your rings (saving some for Continues, of course) on items and the best equipment for every party member. When you're ready, tell Tails you're ready to depart.


You have to split up your characters into two teams, when Sonic and Tails mandatory members of one team and Knuckles and Shade mandatory on the other. For this reason, we'll be referring to the two teams as Team Sonic and Team Knuckles. We advise you stick Amy in Team Sonic, and Shadow and Cream with Team Knuckles.

Team Sonic

Take the 6 rings here, and after Charyb triggers the alarms, proceed to a fight with some Nocturne High Praetorians. Use POW Moves to defeat them, then go through the doorway here. Fight the Nocturne Decurion (again, with POW Moves), then head right to find 3 rings, and 3 more in the next room. Head around the corner and hit the switch in the next room, then Jump up to find a box containing a Med Emitter, Refresher Wave, and Cure All Spray.

Head back out now and go west to the door you just unlocked. Enter.

Team Knuckles

Follow the 5 rings here. That's really as far as this team can go now, so switch back to Team Sonic.

Team Sonic

Take the 6 rings in this room, then use the springboard to the left to reach the upper ledge. Head through the door to the left to get outside, then head southeast. Fly to the ledge there for 2 rings and a Chao Egg, the Fly back to where you began and head all the way back to the outside ledge again. Go northwest this time and fly to the ledge there. Interact with the switch here to disable the guns, then switch back to Team Knuckles.

Team Knuckles

Fly across the two lava pits, go right for 3 rings, take out the Nocturnes here, then Fly northeast to find a Chao Egg. Go right and Climb the wall there to the top. You can't win the battle here against the invincible Gizoids, so don't even try. Just focus on keeping your party's HP and PP high for now, because you'll fight them for real in a moment with whatever HP/PP you have left.

Team Sonic

Head around the corner and go north up the slope. Go into the doorway and grab the 3 rings on the stairs. Interact with the disabled Centurion on the left, then continue left to find 3 rings. Interact with the Centurion on the left wall, then Fly up to the black & blue structure for a Chao Egg. Return to the center of the room and head down the stairs. Go between the brown stones to find another inactive Centurion.

Jump down by the springboard, then enter the room to the east. After you defeat the Gizoids here, examine the last Centurion to the right of the doorway outside.

Team Knuckles

Team Knuckles must now fight (and defeat!) the Gizoid Centurions. Use water-based POW Moves on them and moves like Echidna Drop. When they're finished off, head through the door on the left and open the box for a Med Emitter, Refresher Wave, and Cure All Spray. Head back through the door and Fly off the edge to the southwest. Follow this path to a wall, Climb it, then grab the Chao Egg. Head right to the next doorway, and go through. Take the 5 rings here, go back through the door, and head back until you reach another wall you can Climb. Heal your party, then Climb the wall.

Team Sonic

Head up the stairs and down the southeast hill to find a Chao Egg, then go back up the hill and go down the slope to the southwest. Dash at the bottom and take the Chao Egg at the end. Ascend the blue staircase, then Dash over the ramp to reach the middle of the map. Ascend the sparkling stairs here, heal your party, and go through the door.

Charyb floods the halls here, and your PP will drain every second you're underwater. Use the air bubbles here to restore your lost PP, and avoid the Nocturnes, since you can't use POW Moves underwater. Move to the first air bubble, then the next. Continue down the hall to find a Chao Egg, then sprint back to the last air pocket. Enter the door on the right and follow the wall north into the next room. Use the air pocket here, then head right into the next room. Use the air pocket here to completely restore your PP, heal your party if you're hurt, then head up the ramp to Charyb. You can't win this fight, so don't even try. Just Defend and use healing items to keep everyone's HP up.

Team Knuckles

BOSS: Prefect Scylla

HP: 700 • Weakest Against: Water

Prefect Scylla's attacks can deal over 100 HP worth of damage with every hit, so your healer's got to work overtime to keep the party healthy! Make sure to hit all the inputs when he tries to use Mighty Slash, since that attack can stun you. Use water-based POW Moves to deal the most damage.

After you defeat Prefect Scylla, you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 6. Now head up the ramp and enter the door to the left. Grab the rings and Chao Egg here, then head up the stairs adn open the box on the right for a Med Emitter, Refresher Wave, and Cure All Spray. Now Interact with the valve in front of the top stair to lower the water in the corridors where Team Sonic awaits.

Team Sonic

BOSS: Prefect Charyb

HP: 700 • Weakest Against: Water

Defeat Charyb the way you just defeated Scylla, using water-based POW Moves. You may need to start out the battle healing your party if you got slammed in the previous unwinnable fight with Charyb.

Defeating Prefect Charyb nets you the Chaos Emerald 7. Now back to Team Knuckles...

Team Knuckles

Head up the ramp on the left of the doorway and Jump to the blue glass rooftop. Head northeast and Jump off the side there. Go right, grab the Choa Egg there, then head back and go up the steps to find 7 rings. Go back down, then Climb the wall after you've healed your party fully.

Team Sonic

Head back through the door, then go south to the enxt room for 4 rings. Enter the next room to the right for 4 more rings and a Chao Egg, then go back to the previous room and take the elevator up to the top level. Head northwest for 4 rings, then go southeast and use the springboards to reach the last Chao Egg in the game. Jump down to the south to return to where you started, then return to the upper tier. Make sure everyone's healed up and that you have equipped your Chao and best armor and accessories, like the Angel Amulet. Now head to the large door marking Ix's chamber.

Team Knuckles

BOSS: Imperiator Ix Power Throne & Power Pylon x2

Imperiator Ix Power Throne - HP: 800 • Weakest Against: Fire

Power Pylon - HP: 300 each • Weakest Against: Water

Ix can call for more Power Pylons if you defeat them, so don't bother attacking them first; go after Ix instead! Ix is extremely powerful and can kill a character in two hits, so make sure you're healing copiously. Use Echidna Drop on him, then hit him with your most powerful fire-based POW Moves. If Cream is in your party, have her use Demoralize on him.

Team Sonic

BOSS: Imperator Ix & Gizoid Guardian x2

Imperiator Ix - HP: 800 • Weakest Against: Fire

Gizoid Guardian - HP: 600 each • Weakest Against: Water

Before Team Sonic can fight Ix, they must first catch him. Jump over the large spheres in your way (hitting them knocks off 25 HP each). Once you catch up to Ix, the same tactics you used in the battle that preceded this one apply here. Ignore the Gizoid Guardians and focus all your attacks on Ix. Sonic and Amy's Fastball move works great here. Make sure you're countering his moves and curing anyone that gets Stunned.

But wait...Ix is not dead yet! No, he's becoming incredibly powerful! But wait! So is Sonic! He's become Super Sonic! It's the final battle! Get ready!

FINAL BOSS: Imperator Ix - Final Form

Imperiator Ix - HP: 9999 • Weakest Against: Fire

Ix may be stronger with an obscene amount of HP, but then again, so does Sonic! That said, focus on countering his inputs during his round, and when your round comes up, make sure you hit all your commands. If you don't knock him out in one round, he'll have a large chunk of his HP restored to him. Counter his moves again, then try again to wipe him out in your next round to finish him off!

Congratulations! Victory is yours! Watch the game's closing scenes and credits and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Quick StrategiesEdit

Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'EmEdit

If you're going to put your points into one element's skills over any other, choose Fire. Far and away, the majority of enemies in the game are weak to Fire-based POW Moves, so start building up your arsenal of hot, spicy attacks early!


Name Type Notes
Barbo Common Increases HP Max
Belgog Rare Boosts Defense
Bepke Rare Increases enemy attacks bonded character over other targets
Blaysee Rare Boosts Damage
Bobo Rare Extra item recovered after defeating enemies
Cheese Unique Boosts Luck/team
Cheezlet Common Boosts Damage
Choo Common PP Regen each round
Choopaloo Unique Increases XP gained from battle
Churdle Common Boosts Attack
Dusty Rare Increases chance of catching fleeing enemy
Ferox Unique Automatically succeeds damage attacks
Fess Rare Increases chance of Chao Eggs hatching to rare/unique types
Ghise Common Adds water element to attacks
Gibber Rare Boosts Armor
Griff Common Adds ice element to attacks
Hayda Rare PP Regen each round/team
Jirna Common Boosts Armor
Joy Rare HP Regen each round/team
Kayla Rare Decreases chance of being ambushed
Keroyo Rare Increases chance of enemy fleeing
Knickt Common Boosts Armor
Koolet Common Boosts Defense
Korus Common Boosts Armor
Luunan Rare Increases PP Max
Oldarg Rare Boosts Attack
Oolean Common Increases PP Max
Ovus Rare Auto revives character
Perty Common Boosts Armor
Pyraz Common Adds fire element to attacks
Radu Rare Increases HP Max
Rugle Common Boosts Luck
Seeri Rare Boosts Armor
Seggo Common Adds wind element to attacks
Spartoi Unique Increases chances of Instant KO
Stebsly Common HP Regen each round
Stiglin Common Boosts Armor
Velk Common Boosts Armor
Zimba Common Adds lightning element to attacks
Zousar Rare Increases odds of ambushing enemy

Secret Chao
Name Type Notes
Pooki Viral Chao 1 Boosts Armor and spreads damage to team
Farfinkle Viral Chao 2 Boosts Damage, inflicts random status effect to enemy
Baki Viral Chao 3 Boosts Damage, Parry
Stugs Viral Chao 4 Character only attack when last one alive
Fimbley Viral Choa 5 Character auto-missed up to 3 basic attacks/round

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