Part IEdit

How it all started.Edit

The NameEdit

What happens when two 13 year old friends get bored?

Well, the answer is quite simple actually, they play computer games, playstation, online games, or even play outside.

But…this two are different, they didn’t do any of that. Instead, they created a forum.

It went something like this:

-“Hey Tiago what are you doing?”

-“Nothing, and you?”

-“Nothing either…I’m so bored…”

-“Hey Nuno, why don’t we create a website?”

And so it started, after thinking of all the details, language, art, and everything else, there was something missing, the name.

-“What should the name be?”

-“How about Sonic Community”

-“No, taken. Sonic Network?”

-“Cool name!”

-“Ah shit it’s taken…”

-“We don’t have any good name…How about The Sonic Family?”


And so it began! Those two friends, Nudjo and Tizo created their own forum. Looks like they have a new hobby! Most of the 13 year old kids would quit after receiving a hard task. But they didn’t do that. The first thing they did was making videos about the forum and uploading them on youtube and hi5. In a short amount of time, they made new friends like a guy called Sonic_Andre, Weiss the Hedgehog, Knucool the Echidna, but it still wasn’t enough.

They started to advertise everywhere, they got banned from chat rooms because of the adverts, they advertised and affiliated with a lot of websites like Dave’s Sonic site, Sonic Palace and Sonic Corp.

Part IIEdit

Years of WonderEdit

Le DramaEdit

After some years, The Sonic Family became a known place. Not so much as Sonic Blast or Sonic Rapid Board, but a manageable size. But, they soon had accepted a member who would be a nuisance in the near future. His name, is SonicFreak (a.k.a.*Name Removed for Privacy of User*, SF), and at first he seemed like an overly hyped member, just like everyone once was. He soon thought that no one liked him (even though that many did, though everyone thought he was a "gansta wanabee"), and created 2 accounts. "AmyFreak" (originally some other girl with the same initials, turned "girlfriend") and "ShyGuy64" (A MarioFreak, but SF's best bud). One thing lead to another, and "they" created their own forum, with the help of =TSF= members. Almost a ripoff, they called themselves =SF=. Many flame wars ensued, leading to the uprising of more forums, =MU= (Mobius Universe, lead by Time Shadow, a.k.a. Requiem of Time), SFFA (Sonic Forum For All, lead by Zora, a.k.a. Renegade), and through a series of inside bickering, ∞SS∞ (Sonic Spark, lead by Nayik the Hedgefox, a.k.a. Oldie, Rock the Knight, Master Hedgefox)

By: Nudjo D-Fang

Edited by: Tizo teh Hedgie, Nayik the Hedgefox